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Hospitality Business Management

A Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management provides students with specialized instruction in the major organizational, managerial, financial, service, and technical issues relative to operations in the hospitality industry around the world. The curriculum provides a sound business education on the fundamentals of operating hotels, restaurants, managed services venues, and tourist destinations/attractions. Hands-on instruction and real-world experiences give students the training and skills necessary to develop their talents and launch successful careers.

HBM curriculum

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Wine Business Management

This one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary major provides highly-skilled graduates for the flourishing wine industry for the state of Washington, national, and global markets. Curriculum is drawn from the Colleges of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences; Communication; Sciences; and Business. Structured internships in the wine industry expose students to all facets of the business of wine. Students completing the requirements earn a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management. 

WBM curriculum

HBM Minor

The Hospitality Business Management (HBM) minor is designed to provide students with primary interests different from business with a foundation to enter the hospitality industry.  The minor includes seven academic courses and 400 hours of required and paid work experience in the industry.  Students majoring in any subject are encouraged to consider a minor in HBM. 

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Practical Experience Requirement​​

Students majoring in HBM or WBM must complete 1,000 hours of internship/industry experience to fulfill graduation requirements for a degree in Hospitality or Wine Business Management. Students minoring in HBM are held to 400 hours of practical work experience.  This requirement provides real-life application of theories presented in the classroom.